Join the Pride St. Charles Pride Pals!

The Pride St. Charles Pride Pals exist to help the Pride St. Charles Board of Directors coordinate fundraising events, tap into community resources, and use their networks and relationships to help facilitate growth with the PSC Board of Directors within other community activities such as the Pride St. Charles Festival every June and other events put on by Pride St. Charles throughout the year.


Pride Pals are comprised of LGBT+ members and allies selected by the PSC Board of Directors after a casual interview. Together, they explore avenues to build and grow Pride St. Charles in ordinance with the mission statement and vision: equality, inclusion, visibility, role modeling, sustainability, and diversity. If you're passionate about Pride and want to be more intimately involved, the Pride Pals are the people for you. 


The Pride Pals currently meet 4 times a year, with each team meeting once or twice a month.

Thank you for your support and interest!