Espresso Yourself
We're BACK!

Espresso Yourself is a laid back evening with Pride St. Charles that is open to all. 

Meet new people, make new friends, or just come by to enjoy a snack and hang out with an intersectional crowd in a safe and cozy spot. This no-pressure outing and setting is meant to help facilitate new friendships in a setting where communication is easy and judgement free.


We welcome all identities and orientations, and we embrace the different life experiences that make our community as rich and varied as it is.

Representatives from Pride St. Charles are present for every event, and we're here to chat and enjoy the evening with you and the rest of the community.

Check out the Pride St. Charles Calendar of Events on the home page to see when the next Espresso Yourself meet-up is!

Image by Nathan Dumlao

Espresso Yourself is held on the third Thursday, every other month at Picasso's Coffee House on Beale St. from 6-8.