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A St. Charles Proud Partner is a business or organization within the St. Charles County Community that is outwardly and openly serving the LGBTQIA+ community. The St. Charles Proud symbol signifies that this is a place where one can be themself without having to question whether or not the establishment is LGBTQIA+ friendly.
More often than most think, LGBTQIA+ persons often question when entering establishments such as restaurants and hotels, searching for services like contractors and real estate agents or organizations such as churches, and even medical offices, if their experience will be effected by who they are and if they will be judged or turned away. Often the LGBTQIA+ community is left standing there asking the uncomfortable question if the establishment is "friendly".

Goal of the Program
We hope that this symbol becomes a notable and recognizable indicator within the St. Charles community to LGBTQIA+ persons so they do not have to ask the question if your establishment is “gay or transgender friendly”. We want people to know that they can feel welcomed in your establishment or using your services.

The businesses and organizations listed below are open and friendly to the LGBTQIA+ community and are part of our St. Charles Proud Partners Program. Please feel free to use this directory to find businesses and organizations that fit your needs.


Thank you for supporting businesses that support our community!

Check out or list of St. Charles businesses and groups that are proud allies of the Pride St. Charles family and community.

Want to show your allyship to the LGBTQ+ community? Sign up to be a Proud Partner here and get an official window sticker.

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